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Movies- Best film of the year?

December 2, 2009

all star cast

Some people don’t get Wes Anderson films and don’t really like them, but those of us who do, like them a lot.

Anderson is the genius who introduced us to Owen Wilson in Bottle Rocket, who reinvigorated Bill Murray’s career with Rushmore (Murray is now the coolest actor working in hollywood)  who blew everyone away with the 1-2 punch of Royal Tenebaums and Th Life Aquatic, still one of the best adventure flicks ever. Not everyone was into The Darjeeling Limited but i was, especially the short film that preceded it (Natalie Portman nude) and now Anderson tosses his hat into the fairytale genre with instant-classic stop motion animation flick Fantastic Mr Fox.

Anderson’s strength always lay in his details, his actor selection and his quirky take on the family dynamic and this film is no different, except that Wes is in control of every aspect of this world he’s created (based on The Roald Dahl book) so the results are even more kickass than ever before.

Clooney, Meryl Streep, Jason Swartzman, Bill Murray, Wilson…everyone is back on board voicing the coolest characters to hit the screen this year. Seriously, kid, adult, dude, chick, whatever. Everyone will love Fantastic Mr Fox and the stop-motion animation is absolutely, uh, fantastic.

here’s a promo vid.